When the big rigs break down, it takes Joe's Towing and Recovery to bring 'em in!
.... even if we have to do it 3 at a time!

That's right..... an airplane.....

The car and the motorcycle were actually jammed together and were pulled onto the flatbed joined.

I wonder . . . . will there be offspring?

Here's a series of photos showing how we go "Car Fishing".
Click on the thumbnails to view larger photo.

Our 'poles'

The fishin' hole

Our 'bait' is in the water

Looks like we might have a bite!

Yep, we've got it hooked!

Reel 'er in!

Almost got it!

Get the net! Get the net!

Almost home now!

Hauled in. A record catch

Headin' back home

Looks like there's still some in there....

Seriously, we were called out by Adams County Sheriff Dept. to pull a vehicle out of a pond, Actually, there were 3 vehicles in this pond. It seems that this is a favorite dumping spot for stolen vehicles. They just left the other 2 vehicles in the pond because they belonged to the guy that owned the property the pond is on.

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